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Slope Monitoring

At Geo-Info we realise the need for systems to be accessed remotely or manually and provide immediate warning in case of failure when unstable slopes can be located in a remote location and not easily accessible.

Geo-Info are able to determine any movement or deformation caused by various works due to piling, digging, extreme weather factors etc. Geo-Info offer a range of monitoring options for monitoring unstable, and potentially unstable, slopes using the most up-to-date electronic instrumentation and telecommunication equipment. Geo-Info can provide monitoring from inexpensive, short-term solutions to more costly, long-term monitoring programs depending on the clients requirements.


Our surveyors can provide reports on a daily basis and are trained to observe in:

Track Monitoring

Geo-Info conduct track monitoring methods to Network Rail standard NR/BS/L1/045 using instruments accurate to 1". Geo-Info have 0.5" instruments available if required.

Monitoring methods include:

Geo-Info ensure that all our monitoring visits are manned by our academically qualified surveyors who are able to observe and check on any potential errors that could occur – ensuring no false alarms are raised. We also work within the Health and Safety standards of working on the railway and our surveyors are fully aware of any implication on line speed, limited clearances and line blocking of track movement.


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