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Achara House

Geo-Info Ltd were commissioned by Geo-Rope to carry a Topographic, Utility and GPR mapping survey within a pre-determined site area within the grounds at Duror.

Geo-Info were also to carry out a non-invasive investigation using geophysical methods on the Achara House estate to provide insight into the subsurface structure to help establish the type of solution required for planned construction works.

Scope of Work

A full topographic survey to include the installation of maintained control for future setting out works.

The Utility and GPR surveys were to determine the depths and positions of existing services and provide essential information for awareness, route planning and avoidance in future.

The underground geophysical survey consisted of three areas of interest identified by the client:


All topographic survey data collected was processed using McCarthy Taylor's LSS ground modelling software and converted in AutoCAD Drawing package for final processing. GPR data was post processed using MALA object mapper software.

Drawings were plotted in 1:200 for topographic surveys and 1:200 for utility mapping with all survey drawings including spot levels at 20 m intervals.

The geophysical survey provided annotated and geo-referenced profiles for the areas of interest. It recommended areas in which to carry out boreholes to confirm the subsurface material composition.


Geo-Info carried out all works using conventional surveying techniques in accordance with the key aspects of the RICS document "Surveys of Land, Building and Utility Services at Scales of 1:500 and Larger". Geo-Info used a 1" Total Station and installed a network of control stations to survey all relevant features. Geo-Info uses the latest industry standard utility detection equipment for the provision of an underground survey. Geo-Info’s utilities and service surveys are carried out in accordance with key aspects of the PAS128 document 'Specification for underground utility detection, verification and location’.

Our expertise in the field of location equipment and electromagnetism, combined with a strong technical support team means that we are able to help deliver the high quality results from the most complex of sites. Nevertheless, due to the non-intrusive nature of our service, in certain circumstances our ability to pinpoint a buried service or its depth may be limited by physical conditions or obstructions.

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